Friday, April 24, 2009

Liberty University LAMP Meeting

I went to Liberty on 21 April to attend their LAMP (Liberty Aviation Missions Potentials) meeting. I went over early and availed myself of a "Discovery Flight" in the Schweizer Helicopter (300 CBi) as an early (late?) birthday present. Had a great time and am trying to justify how to do more of that!

At the meeting Tim and Rebecca Ingles with New Tribes Mission presented their work with the Wano tribe in Papua, Indonesia and the Ingles' heavy reliance on Missionary Aviation (both fixed wing and helicopter) to accomplish their task.

I then showed the newest MAF video which was produced by CTN's All Over the World (see about MAF's work in Kalimantan. Afterwards Tim and I answered questions.

LAMP meets regularly throughout the LU Academic year. See the Facebook Group at for more information.

My next trip to LU will be for the annual IAMA conference (International Association of Missionary Aviation - see Each year IAMA rotates where their meetings are held and this year LU is the host.

I'm also in the final stages of planning my annual Vision Trip to Ecuador for prospective Missionary Aviators. That trip will be from 29 May - Jun 7.

After that the next big trip on the calendar (see is our annual Oshkosh AirVenture trip. This year the theme at AirVenture is Fly 4 Life and will feature Mission and Humanitarian Aviation. If you have even the slightest opportunity to attend I encourage you to do so.

Hoping to see you then!
The orientation classes started this week. The class did a chapel on Wednesday and told about how God meet them during their fund raising time. These are always are favorite chapels.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exciting to see new staff returning from support raising to begin the final phase of training before going overseas. They begin non-tech orientation on Friday. Two weeks. Then the pilots begin 6 weeks of flight and maintenance.