Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Work Goes on - Here and There

MAF pilots, mechanics and logistics managers continue their vital work in Haiti.

This week in chapel, MAF pilots Brian Shepson and Scott Channon talked about their work in Haiti over the first weeks the Kodiak was there. One of their first flights carried patients suffering with untreated closed fractures to an outlying hospital/clinic. These patients had not yet been treated because their injuries were less critical than those with open fractures. One of the men had a fractured femur which had not even been splinted. He was in severe pain as he was lifted into the airplane - imagine if he had had to endure a ten hour ride over a rough road - IF he had been able to find a ride.
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Ron Hilbrands - our able manager in recruiting - leaves tomorrow to assist with logistics at our hangar in Port au Prince. So far, over 550,000 pounds of supplies have been moved by MAF, along with over 2,000 passengers. That is a lot of coordinating, scheduling, assisting with paperwork, unloading and reloading and just plain hard work. Ron will be keeping that going.

At the same time, the normal functions of MAF continue here in Nampa.
  • The instructor pilot seminar is in progress with pilots from programs around the world here to refresh their skills and learn from each other.
  • Our newly accepted candidate class is preparing to begin gathering their ministry partners.
  • We are planning for summer vision trips for aviation students.
  • Last but not least: Teachers Needed! MAF specifically needs two elementary teachers for Kalimantan, Indonesia (perfect for two friends, or a married couple who are both teachers!) and one teacher for Nabire, Papua, Indonesia.
Crissie Rask