Thursday, October 1, 2009


You might think of light when you see the title, and I am in a Bible Study Fellowship ( class that is studying John this year (see John 1:4,5,7,8,9) but that's not what I'm referring to here.

LAMP stands for Liberty (University) Aviation Missions Potentials - as in folks who are potential missionaries or who want to serve in Missions. They have a monthly meeting the 2nd Tuesday of each month and Oct. 13 I will be their main speaker. I plan on showing them a new MAF DVD from Paul College and speak to the 3 main things MAF looks for in a recruit.

Those would be Technically Qualified (meets our minimum standards in the area of expertise (Flight, Maintenance, Avionics, Teachers, Learning Technologies, Business & Finance, Administration each have their own set of standards).
This is the easiest to measure but probably the least important of the 3.

The second is Spiritual Maturity. MAF (as does most missions) requires a certain number of Bible Credits to join). Bible credits are one way of measuring Spiritual Maturity but we also ask for a Pastor's reference and we try to gauge this level through conversations both with the candidate as well as people who know the candidate. This area is harder to measure and is also more important.

The third area is Moral Integrity. Is the person who they say they are. Do they walk the walk rather than just talk the talk. Do they live up to their Biblical beliefs even when no one is watching. Is their public and private (thought) life pure. Probably the hardest to measure but the most important of the three.

So as you remember me between now and Oct. 13 would you pray that I can communicate these 3 ideas with clarity so those attending will understand? Thanks!

And as you think of the 3 areas, would you examine your life and see how you measure up. God wants each one of us to be quipped to do the best job we can both in our careers, in our ministry, but more importantly in our relationship with Him.

Grace and Peace

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