Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas at MAF

Today in recruiting I am watching a few snowflakes add to the dusting we got overnight, and remembering celebrating Christmas, as most of our MAF families do, in another country and a tropical climate


I love the Christmas emails from other parts of the world. Reports of ministries – discipling new believers, a New Testament ready to print in another language, plans for a TB facility to help tribal people get the nutrition and consistent medication they need to heal. MAF is part of all these ministries – carrying people and stuff, but also sharing the Good News for all People – that Jesus came to be a Light to those (all of us) who were walking in darkness.

MAF's first Kodiak aircraft made its first operational (real work!) flight in Central Asia - the pilots who made the flight were pretty excited to have that privilege, but they were quick to point out that many, many people poured their efforts into getting it on the field. Another Kodiak is nearly at its destination of Kalimantan, Indonesia, and one more sits in the hangar across the street waiting for better weather to start the cross-Pacific flight.

Right after Christmas, a team from recruiting will fly to St. Louis to participate in Urbana 2009-'a place for college students to see, hear, and respond to God?s global mission'.

There are about 16,000 students registered for this missions conference, held once every three years. Brian and Pam Behal, Ron Hilbrands, Crissie Rask and Brad Rhoads will represent MAF with a display in the exhibition hall - talking with students about opportunities to use their skills and talents through ministry with MAF. PRAY for the conference – for many to clearly hear God’s call to serve Him in some of the needy places of the world. If you aren’t going, the URBANA website is still a great way to learn about Missions. www.urbana.org

It will be an exciting and appropriate way to follow Christmas and to welcome the New Year.

Christmas Blessings!

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