Monday, January 31, 2011

Post Schooling - in the "Debt Gap"

When recently asked what should be some of the priorities in life as one continues to prepare for service as a mission aviator after formal schooling is done, here was my answer.
One of the main things you can do is just to continue to work out your routines, (especially in any move after school) for your special get-a-way time with God each day. As you well know that on the mission field and life in general there are always so many things to do that our time gets eaten up if we don’t prioritize our time with God. As you re-establish your routines in a new job, new living place, new church, you’ll be challenged to prioritize your time wisely. Start right away with a God moment routine that is meaningful to you. Not as part of a to-do list, but as a necessity to life, just like you prioritize eating food to stay alive. This is an esencial part of staying healthy spiritually on the mission field as well as at home. Can you feed yourself spiritually and stay strong? Going to a foreign language church will not do it for you! Very few churches in your own mother tough can do that for you. We all need more regular nutrition than once a week. I would also seek out other peers, or even mentors spiritually to meet with once a week. That may be at work, or connected to a local church, but make it intentional and a priority. You’ve worked very hard on the technical at school, now is the time to learn how to live that out in a more normal living situation of work and life. That’s your next “homework” assignment!

How’s that for a sermon? Stay connected to God and you won’t lose the vision/passion He has placed in your heart!!! You're needed on the field so don't let life roots settle too deep! See you at the MAF front door soon! :-)


njhedd01 said...

Just what I neede to hear!

Dan said...

I agree w/njhedd01!