Friday, July 22, 2011

What we love about MAF Candidacy*

We love:
That candidates are excited to be here...we are excited to see them!

Watching candidates bond with each other and form community,knowing some of them will become family to each other on the field.

Seeing two-year old toddlers (MKs to be) becoming buddies and running around MAF.

Hearing how God led individuals and couples - opening the door for them to use their talents through MAF.

Feeling the energy in the building with young families here.

The zeal and conviction of God's call to share His love with the nations.

Observing a wonderful mix of confidence (God called me to this!) and trepidation (will I fit, pass, be approved?).

Watching as candidates work out their personal call, desires, perception (often in regard to geographical assignments) alongside MAF's direction and leadership through the candidate committee.

A chance to role play some fun scenarios along with about 50 MAF staff, giving candidates a taste of overseas life.

These weeks are good times - and soon these candidates will go out and invite friends, families, and churches to partner with them to share the love of Jesus Christ with isolated people.
Just as we at MAF HQ are part of the process of sending them, they also need those who will stand with them financially and in prayer as they go.

*Candidacy - the two week non-technical assessment and training classes held prior to accepting new MAF member staff. Technical evaluation is completed prior to candidacy.

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