Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MAF at work in Haiti

MAF is hard at work in Haiti. For information on MAF’s involvement check out this link to our MAF website.

Today, Wednesday 1-20, MAF dedicated one of the new Kodiak’s and it left Nampa, Idaho enroute to Haiti. With Avgas supplies running low the turbine powered Kodiak and increased load capability will be a big boost to relief efforts.

Although our piston fleet has been doing a number of flights to outlying areas, the supply of AvGas is a concern. This morning there was a three-day supply on hand.

The Kodiak’s progress can be followed at:

Email is flooded so we ask that, except for family, you not email staff in Haiti for now. The ability of headquarters to communicate with staff there is critical.

Please pray for:
A safe trip for the Kodiak.
Rest for our guys in Haiti. Enough breeze to get rid of the mosquitoes for a few hours so they can sleep.
A solution to the AvGas problem.
Wisdom for leadership as decisions are made on how to proceed.

Thanks. Never stop praying.

For Recruiting John Hook is in San Diego this weekend at the Misson Conference at San Diego Christian College. He will be traveling Monday to Letourneau for the Mission Conference there. As always you can find links to connect with us at

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