Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tornados and Sun N Fun do not mix well

Wow, what a day. The MAF recruiting team is here in Florida at the annual Sun N Fun event in Lakeland. Today was a bit more exciting than we needed it to be. Around 12:30 we had the experience of holding down our tent as a huge storm came through with high winds. There could even have been a tornado near by as several of the vendor's tents were mangled and so far about 40 aircraft damaged. Some of the aircraft right next to our tent were flipped over.

Several missionary aviation missions are here to talk with people and expose the aviation public to what we do around the world. The Lord protected all of us as no one was injured. One of the missions however did have substantial damage to one of their helio aircraft. Please be praying as there have been several vendors who have lost a lot as their aircraft were severely damaged in the storm. In a day or two I will post some of the pictures of what happened here at Sun N Fun.

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