Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blue Skys always seem to follow the worst storms

It is now Saturday morning and the effects of Thursday's tornado and strong winds is a memory. Yesterday as we cleaned up the mess in the tent at SUN N FUN, I wondered how everything would get back to normal, or at least how long it would take. I was amazed how quickly life seemed to return to normal. The day was beautiful, blue sky, gentle breeze, temperature about 77 and people out enjoying a sunny Florida day. Except for some debris from trees that had yet to be picked up, you would hardly have known what happened the day before. We have had the opportunity to talk with many people as they pass through our booth area and share what God is doing through the ministry of MAF. We also can invite those daring enough to try and fly into one of our most challenging airstrips. We have a flight simulator that was donated to MAF and the airstrip was added to the Microsoft simulator software so the people get to actually try and land on this airstrip in Kalimantan. Some are remarkably successful. As a recruiting department, we want to share the love of Christ to the people who visit us and represent HIM well to those who don't know HIM. We also want to encourage those who may be desiring to do the minstry of missionary aviation by sharing what God is doing now in MAF and how they can be involved. It is a great mix of evangelization and counseling. Please pray for us while we are here.

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