Monday, April 18, 2011


Have you ever heard the saying that goes something like this: The only thing you can count on never changing is that things will always change? Just today two more candidates are beginning some of those changes as they enter the Technical Evaluation (TE) at MAF headquarters. Their life from here on out will be full of changes, some of which are, living on support, travelling a lot, selling houses and other possessions, moving, learning new languages and cultures, meeting hundreds of new people, moving again, meeting yet more people, and all the while trying to maintain somewhat of a 'normal' family life. Pray for those that transition from 'home life' to 'missionary life' and all that goes into that transition. There is one thing we can truly count on not changing, and that's the Love, Care, Protection, and Provision from our faithful Lord, among many other things that HE alone can provide for us. Life is a journey, sometimes with many turns, but with Christ it's quite an adventure and worth the ride!

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