Monday, April 11, 2011

High Performance AC & a Servant's Heart.

Last Thursday I visited Liberty University again. I usually try to attend their monthly LAMP meetings (Liberty Aviation Missions Potentials) which start at 6pm on the first Thursday of each month. This time I arrived early wanting to talk to someone concerning putting an MAF 206 on lease back at LU.

I started on campus and had a wonderful talk with Mr. Ernie Rogers, the person who pretty much got the whole Liberty Aviation program going and who is now the Assistant Dean for Academics. Since the program has grown so big it has been split into Academics and Operations (as well as a third division of an Aviation Maintenance Training school). He suggested I speak with Mr. John Marselus, the Assistant Dean for Operations, whose office is at the airport.

A short 10 minutes later I was sitting in Mr. Marselus' office beginning to broach the subject when he was informed of a LU Seminole declaring an emergency and landing. So he invited me to accompany him down to the ramp to see what happened.

Come to find out Alex (a student I know) was on his Multi-engine Checkride. The Designated Examiner was actually a good friend and former MAFer, Tim, who shut down one of the engines to do single engine operations. Unfortunately after multiple tries the engine would not restart so they cut the checkride short and landed uneventfully. It was good to see Tim again even though the circumstances were not the best and everyone was thankful for a safe outcome to a potentially dangerous situation.

After a few minutes on the ramp we went back upstairs, and I did get to talk to Mr. Marselus about the 206. We are currently looking at various options and all involved hope this will work out as a 206 will be a positive addition to the LU Fleet.

Later that evening I attended the monthly LAMP meeting and got to hear two students (Rick Warner and Tracey Baker) share about their spring break ministry trips to Trinidad and India respectively. It's a real joy to be working with so many students who aren't waiting to get to the mission field to begin doing ministry! And that heart is shown in so many who are preparing to be missionary pilots.

It was said to me by recruiters back when I was in training and it is still true today: If you're not serving here, you won't be serving there. Just because you move to a different country won't make you a missionary. It's really a matter of the heart.

So my question to you is: If you're thinking about Missionary Aviation - what's your heart attitude and where are you currently serving the Lord?

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