Thursday, May 12, 2011

The unexpected – Few things happen in life the way we plan. Sometimes things can go really bad. Recently my wife and I were headed to Florida for Sun N Fun to be part of the team representing MAF. We also had plans to visit friends along the way. Headed south, from Michigan, that first day we were looking forward to warmer weather and a trip we knew we would enjoy. Just on the south edge of Lexington, Kentucky roads were good and traffic not to heavy. Another hour or so we would stop for the night. I woke to the sound of tires squealing and the edge of the highway approaching rapidly. We were headed down off the road at highway speed and nothing ahead looked very inviting. Sherry had swerved, surprised by what was in front of her and we were already experiencing a significant change in plans.

God did protect us and watched over us. We didn’t walk away unhurt but we were able to be dragged away as I like to put it. We ended upside down and hanging from our seat belts. We spent five days at the University of Kentucky hospital. Sherry now has a plate and nine screws in her left wrist along with an air cast for her broken right ankle and foot. That’s the price the driver pays for having something to hold on to. I got knocked around pretty good and spent the rest of that day mostly unconscious.

All that to say the last several weeks are not what we had in our plans. We have had to focus on healing, doctor’s visits, and caring for broken and bruised parts. Where was God in all this? He was right there watching over us the entire time. One of the first things Sherry remembers is the man who was one of the first on the scene. He was off-duty or retired police or EMT. He knew what to do and what not to do. We were well cared for at the hospital, even got to share the same room, and God had people in place to meet every need we had. In a place where we knew no one, we had visitors, even flowers. We experienced being taken care of by God and His family, our family.

Walking with God is not just trusting Him for the things we know. It is more about trusting Him for the things we don’t know. How do you react when life doesn’t just throw you a curve ball, it smacks you in the chin because you can’t duck fast enough. The process of preparing for missions will probably include a few curve balls. God simply wants us to trust Him. It is reacting by turning to God and saying God I need you. Help me with the changes, and help me to trust You for everything.

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Peter Neal said...

You know John, you really should have posted your post accident picture from the hospital... :-)