Thursday, June 2, 2011

MAF as Family

MAF and a family have a lot in common. In a family we have our favorite cousins and crotchety old uncle, a close brother and one who thinks so different from us that we wonder how we could be in the same family. Well, that is how it is in MAF. We have learned to respect and appreciate each other and yet may still have disagreements. We don't give up on one another however, since we are family. Relationships are the key to effective ministry, even in a technical mission like MAF.

I am often asked what MAF is like since it is the largest mission aviation organization out there. Some wonder if they will get lost in a larger organization and not get to know one another.

I have always said we have the best of both worlds - big enough to be a great resource for the field operations, yet our field programs are small enough that each staff has an impact on how the program runs. And, like a family, we rely on each other and learn to trust and accept each other.

This whole family thing is especially clear to me today as I returned from a funeral of one of my aunts. Our family got together and we focused on what we have in common and not what made us different. We appreciated each other in all our uniqueness and were able to encourage each other with love and care, because we are family.

MAF is like that too, not perfect but we care for each other.

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