Monday, June 13, 2011

Vision Trip ?

Some of you may not know that MAF sends out a lot of college students each summer to vist many of the MAF Bases overseas. Some of the colleges are even requiring it for the student to graduate. The Vision trip is a chance to see MAF in action and up-close. Students will get to spend two weeks with a MAF family on the foreign field of their choice. Some of the countries visited this year are, Indonesia, Mexico and Africa. The student will get to see what a MAF pilot does everyday and how they live as a family in very remote areas of the world. There may be projects around the MAF Base that you can help with or even get to help with the MAF aircraft. The students will get to make one or more flights on a MAF aircraft and get a great cross-cultural experience by visitng one or more of the villages interior. So far, the students returning from their trips say, it is something they will never forget ! For MAF, we hope they will return to MAF after graduation to be MAF pilots themselves someday. MAF's travel department will provide the airline tickets, Visa needs for the country you will visit and MAF will also provide an account for you to use when raising money for you trip. If your supporters for your trip would like to send their money to MAF, we will provide them with a tax-deductible receipt for their gift to you. You will also get a weekly computer readout of how much money came to your account and who was the sender so you can write them Thank-you notes. Your supporters are a very important part of your trip. Note only do they give gifts of money but they will pray for you too. This also sets up a relationship that you can have later on when you join MAF and they may become your full time supporters during your ministry with MAF. I have had some of the same supporters for over 30 years. They become like a family to you and follow your ministry through your many years of serving overseas. During your two week trip, the Lord may use this time to confirm your service as a Missionary Pilot or may even close the door and direct you to another ministry. Next summer, come see-feel-taste missions in action and see close-up how God is using the Airplane and Communications to take God's Word to the most remote places of the earth. Come see how we help make possible that Missionaries and their families can stay for long periods of time in very remote jungles and mountains, and even good education for their children too. So, hope to see you next summer on a MAF Vision trip !!

Blessings, Capt Hook

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