Friday, May 7, 2010

Alaska Aviation Trade Show

I had the privaledge of attending this years annual Aviation Trade Show in Anchorage Alaska on May 1-2. We had many good conversations/contacts at the booth and a lot of interest in MAF. Lots of people came by and said how great it was to see MAF at this event this year. I ended up giving out all of my pilot/mechanic brochures and general brochures. It was also exciting to share the work of MAF around the world to those who had never heard of MAF before. There should have been around 20,000 people that attended this event, but I have not heard any reports of the latest results, but for MAF this was a busy, full event with some great support shown for what we do. We're looking forward to the follow up responses from those that had specific interest in serving us or with us. We hope to return next year as I got to meet some of my recruits for the first time after e-mailing and phone calls. There's nothing like a face to face contact!

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Sandi said...

That is great MAF finally made the trip out to Alaska, where there is more planes than any other state!
We have been to Sutton,AK 4 times for a mission trip with our church to work at Victory Bible Camp!