Friday, May 28, 2010

The MAF Application - from the Recruiter Side

I love it! I love reading the written application from candidates coming into MAF.
I suspect, (and recall from my own experience) that filling out the application is a long and nerve-wracking process. But, reading them is like watching 'cardboard testimonies
- - if you have seen some of those.

Each application is a story of God at work. Each candidate has learned about God's love and grace through Jesus Christ, and is living and walking with God. There are stories of how a person has changed the course of their life with God's help - walking away from patterns that would have kept them trapped. Others have grown with encouragement and support from their earliest years, and made their faith personal and are now eager to use their talents to serve God.

For me, it is a praise and worship time as I read and thank God for His amazing work, and for the people He calls to MAF. Our candidates as well as MAF will use the application process to help discern God's leading. Candidates will continue to grow and serve - and many of them through MAF - using their gifts and skills, sharing the love of Jesus Christ so that others may be physically and spiritually transformed.

Did I mention I love being in on the story?!

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