Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To-Do List

MAF HQ is starting family conference today. That means if you need something from the office in Nampa you probably won’t be able to reach anyone before Monday. You can probably leave a message if you know the extension. :-) The recruiting extension is 1663.

One of the things that might be on the to-do list for those of you who are pilots and don’t meet the minimum requirements to schedule your technical evaluation is to find a way to build some flight time. If you have your commercial pilot’s license and the instrument rating contact me, John Lemmon, MAF was donated a Mooney M20J and for the immediate future it is available to those needing to complete the requirements of 400 hours total time, including the 50 hours of high performance time. It is dual only and MAF will count up to 25 hours towards the 50 of HP time. The airplane is located with me here in Jackson, Michigan, not at MAF HQ in Nampa. Contact me if this could be of help to you.


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