Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oshkosh and other summer events

Summer is here and so are our busy schedules. Keep an eye on the calendar on our MAF website and you can find out where your local recruiter will be. Big events of this summer will be the MAF run Brigade Air camp on July 5-10, the Arlington Air Show in Arlington, WA on July 7-11, and then the Oshkosh Air Show July 26 - Aug 1st. August will also be a time when my wife and I will make a trip to visit in the San Francisco area, so let us know if you are in that area and would like a visit or MAF presentation. Pray for all the recruiters as we travel around the country on our busy schedules, for God's protection and also for God directed encounters with those that He is calling towards mission aviation service, whether it be aviation, IT, business management, LT, or volunteer work. We would love to connect with you at any of the events, or special appointments when we're in your area. God bless you all and may you find Him active around you and inviting you to engage in His work.

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