Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Internships: A great opportunity for seeing MAF in action

Last week was a fun week for us in recruiting as we had 3 people to go through our Intern Orientation before heading out to the field to work with us in Indonesia. The couple is preparing to help in Kalimantan, Indonesia where he will be working as a mechanic. The single woman is going to Papua, Indonesia to help in our IT work there. Their internships are about 7 weeks overseas and then the one week here at our Nampa, ID headquarters preparing them for this experience. They had their eyes open to the work that MAF is doing around the world as well as getting some real practical cross cultural preparation which included some language training. I look forward to the time they will be making application to MAF to join as career staff.

Internships can be of varying lengths depending on what the schools may require and we are open to working with these students. It does mean having to raise your own support to do this but that is also a part of what becoming a missionary is all about. Our IT intern is already writing a daily blog and I am enjoying seeing all she is learning.

As a recruiting department, we want people to fully understand what is involved in being a missionary with MAF, the internship is a great start.

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