Friday, May 21, 2010

Should you train for a triathalon?

There I was eating some potato chips when my daughter came in from work and said she was going to start training for a marathon with a friend. I kind of laughed because I thought no way would she follow through. Then I thought about my own efforts to get into shape and how I always seemed to let it slide. I am not sure why (maybe the Lord) but into my mind popped the idea of training for a triathalon. It kind of excited me. All of a sudden I had a reason to train and get into shape. I did however have to walk out the door and go to the gym to start. I have stayed with it now for over a month and am still enjoying the training (swimming, biking, and running). The event is August 7 so hold me accountable to it.

What does this have to do with MAF and recruiting? I have talked with so many people over the years who would love to get involved with missionary aviation and MAF. The concept is great and motivation is good but the next step is doing, getting started. The requirements are not easy or simple (bible training, flight and mechanics licenses) but they are doable. You need to get started and keep the goal in mind and not just the obstacles. Myself and the other recruiters are all here to help you get to where God is wanting you to be. Why not take some bible classes to just get things started. I will be glad to start holding you accountable to what you think God may be leading you into, just let me know. The other recruiters will too, just like they will with me and the triathalon. God bless.

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Anonymous said...

Are you doing the Y-Not Tri in Boise, Idaho? My Mom and I are going to do that. Good luck with your training! If you train well on race day, 100% of the work will be done and you can just enjoy the race.