Friday, August 20, 2010

Coming and Going - People and Planes

Here in the Recruiting corner of MAF HQ we are all about people coming and going.

Coming for technical evaluations, interviews, candidate classes, orientation. Going - to the next stage - perhaps fine tuning technical skills, paying off school debt, gathering supporters, leaving for the field.

At the same time, someone new is calling to investigate whether MAF is where God will use their passion and skills. Recruiters are communicating with candidates and leadership on the field, coaching, encouraging, prompting (especially to get that paperwork piece done!)

Across the street on the hangar side, candidates are working alongside mechanics and flying with instructor pilots as they are evaluated and simultaneously learning about MAF's culture and methods.
Airplanes are being refurbished, a lease for another airplane is finalized, two aircraft are en route to field locations - one from Nampa to Haiti, another in the midst of a move from Indonesia to Africa. The latter is stuck in the Maldives, awaiting a supply of aviation gasoline before making the last leg of the trip!

This week a family returning from a season overseas shared about their work - they expressed it as a tool to clear the stony field in order to plant the seeds of the Good News. They shared of the joy in discipling a young believer. They also expressed their grief in the loss of co-laborers whose lives were taken in a hostile land.

We remember when they came through the doors as candidates, and are encouraged by their faithfulness, and share in their grief.
That is why we are here - to enable people to work in God's field, clearing the obstacles, softening the soil, planting the seed, watering ---and some to harvest.

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