Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The goal was reached but now what?

It is hard to believe that for all those months of training, the event is now past. This past Saturday was my first trithalon and it gave me a real purpose for getting in shape but now it's past, now what? Without the goal sitting out in front of me, the need for training is much less inspiring. Motivation is so key in us accomplishing our plans and goals.

Serving our Lord in a full time ministry like MAF is something only God could put in someone's heart. It takes resources (money, time, prayer, blood, sweat and tears) and perserverence to accomplish the goal of getting the requirements needed to be a member. Many spend years in the process of doing what God is calling them to do. Knowing that God is the source of our motivation to serve, keeps us going over the long haul. We do however need the encouragement of fellow participants along this journey. Please communicate your vision and goals to others so they can both hold you accountable as well as encourage you along the way. Get to know others who are headed in the same direction and encourage them as well. Knowing you are not alone in this makes a huge difference over the long haul. Believe it or not, the MAF recruiters are here to offer that encouragement and counsel so you can stay focused and moving in the right direction.

By the way, I finished last in my age group but I did finish, which was my goal. I also promised myself that I will do better next time and have thought through how I might be able to do that. I have a year to train and will be taking a long term perspective on acheiving my goal. God bless as you do the same.

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