Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Follow up to Ron's post - plus

As Ron said below, it does take a real commitment and knowledge that God has called you to do mission aviation to be able to stick it out for the long haul through the necessary training, and also for any length of field service.
I'm reminided of this as my wife LaNnae and I celebrate 30 years of marriage. This also takes a real commitment, and the knowledge that God has put you together to hang in there and stick it out through the rough times as they come, and they will. God has faithfully been walking with us all these years, not that we have always kept him in first place, but we are continueing to learn how to walk in the presence of God daily and it sure does make a difference in how you approach each day.
Last night we were able to share with a men's group. This event included a great steak dinner for which we were grateful, but the most fun was to speak with a young junior in high school who attended the first time last night, and hear me speak of MAF. He's had a strong interest in aviation, and God ordained this meeting to help direct him to MAF. Much like my own story. It was a joy to see how God had orchestrated this meeting. It reminds me that every day is orchestrated by God, and we need to keep our eyes open to his working around us. For those that are in the midst of their training to become MAF pilot/mechanics some day, keep looking for God in each of your days. He's there, wanting your full attention and faith, that he will see you through to the goal he has placed in front of you. Unlike Ron, :-), don't wonder what's next, because with God each day can be an adventure.
Our church has the theme this and next week of "live the mystery" which to me means, look for God around every corner and see what He's up to, then get involved in what He's doing. If you're focued on serving overseas, don't let yourself forget to serve Him today and every day. That should be a patern of our every day. God bless you all!!!!

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