Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Are you available?
That was a question I was recently asked. The AWANA program at church had lost several men to Job changes. It does not fit my schedule well but I can help plug some holes. It is also a chance to help some young person better understand the Bible, Who God is, and the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. I don’t have to go half way around the world for this. I just have to show up.

Ministry sometimes is more about showing up, being available, than what we actually do. Remember it is God’s Spirit that is at work to change a heart, not our eloquent words, or our strong argument that convinces someone they need Jesus. When we show up we bring a new dimension into their lives because Christ lives in us. It’s true we need to do our best but just showing up can sometimes be the best thing we can do. So, where do you need to show up? I will be adding AWANA to my schedule.

Remember climbing in the pilot seat of an airplane, traveling half way around the world, joining our IT or LT staff, signing on as a teacher or manager; there are all kinds of jobs that need to be done, but in the end it is more about showing up where God wants to touch someone’s life. Make yourself available. Train the best you can, read and study God’s word, but don’t get so bogged down you can’t show up where God needs you now.

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Caron said...

Amen. Thank you so much for that encouragement!