Thursday, September 16, 2010

What are we looking for?

The issue came up recently that made us aware that many folks out there get mixed messages about what MAF is looking for and how to join up and help. To help clarify that a bit, I thought I would address some of those issues in this blog.

MAF is always and will always be looking for more qualified Pilot/Mechanics who meet our requirements in ratings, time, experience, and who have a passion for ministry, not just flying. Even though we do state that we have a pilot only requirement, the options to place you into our ministry as a pilot only is very limited due to the fact that we then have to have someone to place with you who can do the maintenance. That really limits the options, therefore we do highly prefer the pilot who has his maintenance license as well. We can place about as many P/M combo poeple as we can get. Remember, we want people with a passion for ministry, as our mission is to minister the grace and provisions of Christ our Savior to the many around the world who do not have hope. The aircraft is one of our tools, but you personally are much more of a tool if placed in God's hands, through MAF.

Another problem we run in to is the expectation that MAF will be pursueing you, recruiting you into the organization. Although we do have our recruiting department, we function more like a guidance counselor department, helping you determine whether mission aviation is what God would have you do, and if MAF might be the avenue He wants you to use to serve Him. We are not trying to drag anyone into the org that God has not specifically lead our way. This will demand that you are the one that pursues service with MAF. We are here to assist you with questions, tips, helps, as needed, but we want to see commitment, perseverance, and pursuit as you seek the avenue God has for you to serve Him. In other words don't sit on the sidelines and wait for us to call. This is your life, your service, your future, and it's up to you to follow God in the direction that he has called you. It's not our job to convince anyone to join MAF. That's God's business and we draw the line in that area of playing God for you in your life. We do need many more people to serve in MAF and are looking for those that God is directing our way. Can we help you along that line? YES!

For further info, see our web site and/or contact one of us recruiters. We'd love to pray with you and help you process what it is God is asking you to do.

Respectively submitted,
Perry Pust
NW Recruiter

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Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this! My husband is getting his A & P right now, and we have thought at times that "maybe they don't want us" because we aren't being actively pursued or anything... so thanks for clarifying this! It makes a lot of sense, and also helps us feel a lot more confident that this will work out for us! We are excited to see how God leads!