Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's hard to believe the summer is over (well not officially since the first day of fall isn't until 23 Sept.). It seems that each fall I am busier than the one before. That might have to do with the fact that I've got more recruits I'm working with although my friends say it's because I'm getting older!

Since 20 Aug I've already been to one fly in (Smoketown, PA), Liberty University twice, and crammed in 2 weeks of vacation to try and get ready for all my upcoming travels. Thursday the 16th I leave for Raleigh, NC (I'll be visiting folks on the way down) and Saturday I fly out to MAF HQ for the fall week of our semi-annual meetings. I'm already planning my October and November trips and even have a couple of options for December. If you'd like me to stop by and see you, please drop me a line. Thanks!

And even though it's been a VERY full summer, it's been one of the most productive in terms of recruiting that I've had. Our Technical Evaluation slots are all filled up for this October as well as for next April. At our meetings we'll be discussing how we can get some more slots for folks who want to do their TEs, since that seems to be the choke point in the process.

And I know I'm not the only recruiter who is feeling swamped. As I talk with the other two remote recruiters they too seem to have more on their plates this year as well (of course they're older than I am!).

So as you think to pray for MAF, please pray that we recruiters will make good decisions about time management and which recruiting opportunities we should participate in and which we should let pass us by. Thanks!

Until next time...

Brian - SE Recruiter.

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