Friday, September 24, 2010

Recruiters . . . . . . Everywhere

Laughter, sarcasm, ribbing, and serious discussion all happened this week as the recruiters got together. Our semi annual meeting for the recruiting department lasted 4 days and included 5 full-time recruiters and one half time recruiter. It also includes our very detail minded administrative assistant that helps keep everything straight.

You may not realize it but we try and have someone available in different parts of the country so they can be responsive to those of you who need answers. Brian Behal is in the Southeast, John Lemmon is in the Midwest, Perry Pust is in the Northwest. The other 3 are located at our HQ in Nampa, ID and cover the Southwest and Northeast.

We meet together because it is important for face to face time as co-workers and we feel the same way about the need for face to face time with people who are interested in knowing more about MAF. Email and phone calls can only go so far and then you just want to sit down and talk with someone who knows and has been there. All the recruiters have been there and done that in terms of serving overseas as a pilot/mechanic.

Give us a call and maybe we can stop by and visit with you. God bless.

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