Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is Missionary Aviation still needed?

It is asked everywhere I go and it is a very legitimate question "Is Missionary Aviation still needed?" Before someone applies to a school, changes careers, or leaves a good paying job to go back to school, it is good to know if what you want to do is needed and you have a place to go when you graduate.

The quick answer to that question is YES! I have been in recruiting now for over 15 years and I have never had to tell someone that met our requirements and qualified through our technical evaluation that there was not a place for them. One of the limiting factors for us in our ministry is the lack of personnel to accomplish the work.

Pilot/Mechanics and Maintenance Specialists are needed all over the world on our programs, as well as with other missions. We want to continue to encourage people to move forward in this niche of Christian missions that allows people to use their specific gifting and talents in aviation for the glory of God. If you love aviation and you love Jesus, what could possibly be better? Now you know you are needed.

Have great Christmas as we celebrate our Lord's earthly birth.

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