Friday, December 10, 2010

Recruiting or Guidance????

From the Recruiting Department, we often reflect on the fact that we are not traditional "recruiters" that are trying to get anyone and everyone into the organization. As I tell "recruits" frequently, "Getting you into MAF is God's job, not mine!" We see our job more as guidance counselors, helping you with determining if MAF is the 'fit' for you, what a good training plan might be for service with MAF, encouragement along the way, and to make sure you're getting all the required 'stuff' into your training plan.

There are so many great organization out there that one could serve with, and sorting that out for you is one of the tough issues. We're here to help and to point out some other options if you're not sure MAF is the way to go for you. Our main objective is to help you move towards what God has called you to do and we in no way can pretend to know what that direction is. God will make that clear in your own heart and mind. That passage in the Bible that talks about the "peace that passes all understanding" comes to mind here! You will experience that peace when you know it's right for you to go with a specific organization. Just because MAF is the largest with the most opportunities does not mean it's for you.

Contact your local recruiter and learn more about MAF, options for training, and hear their stories of service within MAF and our working relationships with many other organizations!

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