Wednesday, December 1, 2010

As I sit here at my desk this cold, snowy morning planning another recruiting trip it seems as if I just got back from one. :) The week before Thanksgiving I did a whirlwind trip (1700 miles in 5 days) where I had lunch and dinner with a different recruit each day (sometimes breakfast or afternoon coffee too) where I visited 2 colleges (and drove past 3 more that I didn't have time to stop at) and got home worn out.

And it would be easy to sound like I'm complaining but I'm actually thankful. In fact, one of our family traditions before our Thanksgiving day meal is to go around the table before we eat and say what we're thankful for. We actually went around 4 times this year (it's great to have adult children!) and one of the times I mentioned that I am thankful for the work the Lord has given me to do.

You see, I remember back when I was first investigating what being a missionary aviator was all about. I had lots of questions and not many answers. And I wasn’t even sure where to go for some of the answers. But I also remember a few "older" folks from various mission organizations patiently answering my myriad questions. And if they didn’t have the answer, they would find out for me.

I also remember how God used those answers and those people to direct me into the ministry He had for our family. So when I am tempted to self-pity God always reminds me of how He is in control and that He can use "even me" to help young men and women get to the mission field.

One of those young people has been talking to me for about 2 years. It seemed as if there was a roadblock in the way of his heading to MAF. But a conference call later all was cleared up and he is actually doing his Technical Evaluation this week (that’s the fastest I’ve ever seen it happen, and can only say that it’s DEFINITELY a God thing since it usually takes a minimum of 6 weeks to get a TE scheduled!).

Another was a young man that I’d never met before but have been corresponding with via email for 6 months. The only time I could fit into my schedule was breakfast. The young man is in A&P school which starts at 7 so we got together at 6 to answer all the questions he had.

I could write about each person I met with, but I think you get the idea. Sometimes I get jealous and wish I was 30 years younger so I could go do what these folks are just heading into. But then I remember what one of the Godly men who mentored me along the way used to say: “God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect – not often early but NEVER late!”.

As we go about our daily tasks, let’s all remember that HE is in control and He is always on time.

Brian, for the recruiting team

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